Why use Pine Straw?

  • longevity -
    doesn't float and wash away and breaks down more slowly, so it doesn't need to be reapplied as frequently as other mulches

    lightweight -
    easily handled and lighter per cubic foot than most other mulches: bales are easy to carry and cover much more area by equivalent weight than most all other mulches!

    sustainable/natural -
    no harvesting of trees to produce and it's organic

    cost -
    cost per square foot competitive with other premium mulches

    soil health -
    breathes better, doesn't compact, and allows for better water infiltration

    plant health -
    adds organic material and nutrients to soil and reduces weeds

    visually appealing -
    the uniform color and fine texture brings out the color, contrast, and texture of your landscape

    erosion control -
    doesn't float and wash away so you can also use it where grass won't grow to hold soil; great for sloped areas and walkways or paths

    pest free -
    doesn't attract termites

    quick and simple -
    easy to apply: just grab handfuls and scatter by hand

    Master Gardeners use it -
    you should see their flowerbeds!

    Zoos use it -
    it's easy to clean and replace without destroying the soil in the exhibit and some animals enjoy it as bedding

    Great for nests -
    used frequently for bird houses and nesting boxes

  • Great for large environmental remediation projects - 
    environmental restoration
    erosion control / soil stabilization
    storm water pollution prevention plan (SWP3) structural controls
    storm water (SWP3) best management practices (BMP),
    local / city / county / state / federal government use, consent decrees, agreed orders, supplemental environmental projects (SEP), environmentally beneficial uses, new installations, landscaping, new construction or modifications, and any other large or small projects


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